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“Then she says to me with a perfectly straight face,
‘Can you hold it until we get home’?”

A father in Mumbai makes funny monkey faces for his giggling baby son.
A young woman in Nairobi cracks up co-workers with a corny joke.
Old buddies in Brooklyn recall streaking a friend's Bar Mitzvah speech.

What do they all have in common?
They're all practicing the joy of

Welcome to Hamasté
The funny bone in me tickles the funny bone in you.

A fun twist on the ancient Sanskrit greeting Namaste-- the light in me
salutes the light in you
Hamasté is all about the serious belief that we're
all humor beings and laughter is meant to be shared. You know,

tickle it forward.***

And now as the first step toward inspiring one and all to do just that,
Hamasté has created this website so you and everyone else in the
world has a place
gather together to tickle and be tickled.

Check out the Hamasté Funny Bone Exchange page where you can
share funny jokes and watch funny videos.

Then stop by the Hamasté Tickle Store page where you can
buy funny T-shirts and stuff
for you, your friends and family.

So, how will you help bring the world a little closer today?
How will you tickle it forward? How will you Hamasté

To tickle or to be tickled-- that is the question.

amasté encourages the practice of SAFE TICKLING that neither deliberately offends nor upsets another
person or group. After all, while not all humor will make everyone laugh, no humor should make anyone cry.
Unless, of course, those tears are a result of laughing so hard. Well then, that's a seahorse of a different color.