Inaugural Press-Pull Release for Hamasté
The funny bone in me tickles the funny bone in you.

Hamaste Logo

April, 2015

Chicago, Illinois—What started out as just a funny play on words for a new line of T-shirts has now evolved into a DIY-humor website devoted to bringing the world closer together through the shared language of laughter.

Hamasté is a newly launched online Tickle Fashion Store and Funny Bone Exchange where people are encouraged to buy from a growing collection of fun Hamasté merchandise while they tickle it forward with their funny jokes, pictures, and videos. Everyone is welcome to contribute within this free, ongoing laugh-for-all, as long as they practice ‘safe tickling’ (aka: humor that is not offensive).

“It was all just a playful spin on an ancient Sanskrit greeting I first heard in one of my yoga classes,” said Hamasté creator Blake Levinson. “You know, Namaste—The Light in me honors the Light in you. And so thanks to divine inspiration or some cheap liquor, I thought it would be funny if I changed it to say, Hamasté-- The funny bone in me tickles the funny bone in you.“

Tickle it forward.

The physical and emotional health benefits of both laughter and community have long been understood. Likewise, a sense of humor and a proclivity for playing with words have long been parts of Levinson’s modus operandi. This could help explain how this certified Laughter Yoga instructor, professionally-trained Improv artist, children’s book writer, award-winning copywriter and self-proclaimed ‘recovering class clown’ may have first come up with this very irreverent yet very relevant idea.

Whoever tickles one funny bone, tickles the world.

“Yeah, like many screwed-up kids starved for attention, I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh,” Levinson confided. “And now, instead of writing ad copy that convinces people to buy cigarettes or sugary snacks, I’m finally using my humor for good and not evil. My keepers tell me that’s progress.”

From the fast-spreading popularity of yoga, natural lifestyles and alternative medicine to the world’s growing hunger for ways to ‘make laughter--not slaughter’, Levinson thinks the potential need and audience for Hamasté are unlimited.

He also believes there are a lot more fun and exciting ways to get people sharing the joy of Hamasté. The Hamasté line of apparel and the website are just the start. For more information, please visit the website or contact Blake Levinson: 773 213 4449